Android App Development

Rose India Technologies is a specialized, enterprise focused Android app development company. Here we have discussed on our expertise, niche focus and strengths in Android app development.

Android App Development

The majority of smartphones in the globe today are run on Android. So, for targeting wider mobile users enterprises have to give priority to Android apps. Presently, the number of users in this platform is more than 800 million and still counting. No business can move away from the focus on Android apps with the vast majority of target audience using the platform.

Android apps are extremely easy to use, highly sophisticated with advanced features, regularly updated incorporating new advances in design and features and intuitive enough to find and do anything on the mobile screen a rewarding experience. It is this versatility, simplicity, flexibility and scope of customization that made Android as the most popular platform for all app development niches.

Rose India Technologies is an expertise driven Android app development company creating a niche reputation in delivering sophisticated custom Android apps for an array of business requirements and consumer needs. We deliver future-ready, highly customized android development solutions with consistent user engagement focus, focus on monetization and business conversion and unmatched user experience.

Android app development niches we are specialized at

With a group of highly skilled and experienced Android developers and designers we ensure delivering unmatched user experience that make business conversion easy. Having delivered too many successful and industry recognized Android apps for diverse niches we ensure building apps that make your business connect customers and grow. Here are some of the Android app development niches we are specialized at.

  • Enterprise apps
  • Game apps
  • Entertainment apps
  • Sports apps
  • Travel apps
  • Utility and productivity apps
  • Web apps
  • Lifestyle apps
  • Health and fitness apps
  • Multimedia apps
  • CRM apps
  • Social media apps
  • Real-time chat and messaging apps
  • Educational apps

Our Android app development process

Our android app development process addresses all the milestones and road blocks in a typical custom enterprise app building roadmaps. Let us have a look at the various aspects of our Android app development process.

Knowing the audience

Our Android app development process starts with knowing the target audience and how our app can help solving their problem.

  • Knowing the audience as per demographic data.
  • Creating the ideal user persona.
  • Figuring out how the Android app can add value to clients business.
  • Figuring out the business goal, vision and objectives.

App road mapping

In the second phase on the basis of our knowledge of audience, the app role and the business goal we create a detailed plan of action and accordingly finalize the requirement of resources deadlines and a full development and deployment roadmap.

  • A detailed plan of action with milestones and deadlines
  • Finalizing the resources required.
  • Creating roadmap of development and deployment.

Coding and developing

This is the main execution phase involving mainly coding and development. Here are the key aspects.

  • Finalizing the coding methodologies and steps for the said project.
  • Coding the app.
  • Updating client from time to time concerning the evolving scope and needs.

Quality assurance

We have a robust QA team dedicated to ensure optimum performance for any new Android app. Here are some key aspects.

  • Extensive app testing is carried out on a variety of Android handsets to ensure optimum user experience and glitch free performance.
  • QA findings verified and addressed by the developer team and goes through testing again.


The deployment process is all about hosting and publishing the Android app across app marketplaces or app stores. Here are the key attributes of this process.

  • Our highly experienced strategists, marketers and experts on app store optimization put their skilled effort together to make the app discoverable quickly.
  • App store performance and discoverability is monitored and evaluated.
  • A robust app store optimization drive is taken in hand after evaluating the initial result.

Maintenance and Support

We ensure providing continuous post-development maintenance and support for our Android apps. Here are the key aspects.

  • We monitor and evaluate app performance, user engagement and shortcomings in user experience regularly and fix issues from time to time.
  • We offer support for new user acquisition, user retention, enhancing lifecycle value of each user and business conversion.

Why choose Rose India Technologies for Android App Development?

As an expertise driven Android developer company with sustained focus on creating value for our customers, we take care of all aspects of your app to make it a success in terms of business conversion and creating brand impression. Here are some of the key reasons to hire us for your Android app development needs.

  • Ensuring quality with optimum user engagement, sophisticated features, glitch free app performance and high app store discoverability, is our strength.
  • We boast of highly skilled team of Android developers having years of experience in developing award winning apps for a vast array of business niches.
  • Our Android app developers are well versed in all major programming languages and skill sets crucial to custom Android development.
  • We ensure optimum data protection and security with robust in-house security protocols and mechanism for surveillance.
  • Our designers can ensure delivering the perfect user optimized design maintaining clean aesthetics and core elements for business conversion.
  • We deliver round the clock expert support over different modes of communication phone, email, messaging, web chat, Skype, etc.

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