iOS App Development

Rose India Technologies is a frontline iOS app development company catering to diverse enterprise mobility and consumer needs with custom development. Here we have discussed our expertise, experience and skill sets in iOS app development.

iOS App Development

iOS as a sophisticated and most innovation friendly mobile platform has come of age. Today iOS catering to all apps for iPhones and iPads with their highly advanced feature set and functionalities are regarded as the most sought after platform for all enterprises and development companies.

Rose India Technologies is an iOS application development company with long years experience in mobile app development and proven expertise. Having built an array of commendable apps for iOS devices Rose India is now sought after for niche development for various enterprises. Our iOS apps will provide proactive user engagement, optimum user acquisition, high level of app discoverability, continued user retention, ROI growth and monetization focus.

Types of iOS apps we are specialized at

With our skilled and experienced iOS developers we are ready to deliver diverse apps that will address customer expectation and business needs. Some of the key iOS app development niches we are specialized at include the following.

  • Enterprise iOS Apps
  • Education iOS Apps
  • Camera and Image Editing iOS Apps
  • Video Streaming iOS Apps
  • News and Live Streaming iOS Apps
  • Social Media iOS Apps
  • Finance and Banking iOS Apps
  • Productivity iOS Apps
  • Health & Fitness iOS Apps
  • Music iOS Apps
  • Travel iOS Apps
  • Real Time iOS Apps
  • Sports iOS Apps
  • Utilities iOS Apps

Our iPhone app development process

At Rose India Technologies, we are aware that an app becomes successful because of the unique app idea being materialized with rewarding user experience and high level of usefulness. From allowing the business effective scopes for driving monetization to creating a user experience that keeps users glued to the app, each and every aspect in the app development process needs a thorough meticulous approach. Here we are going to unveil all essential aspects of our development process.

Finalizing development roadmap

Creating the roadmap for the app development is most important which involves the following aspects.

  • Core business analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Enterprise dataflow analysis
  • Mind-mapping
  • Finalizing monetization strategy
  • Finalizing ROI strategy
  • Clear documentation of functional specifications

Making user centric design

Creating user centric design is one of our key focuses in the app development process. Here are various aspects of this process.

  • A design concept
  • Designing the GUI
  • Interaction of business logic
  • Creating visual mockups
  • Documentation of design process

Rapid app development process

We ensure rapid app development to meet the burgeoning pace of enterprise mobility in right fashion. Here are some key aspects of this process.

  • Delegating project to developers and designers having required skill set
  • Making task based time frames
  • Coding and in-development testing
  • Releasing app
  • Offline caching

Quality assurance

Our robust and highly focused QA team will ensure following most updated standards and procedures in addressing qualitative requirements.

  • A meticulous QA test
  • Evaluating app code
  • Integration of crash and bug report
  • Functionality tests
  • Testing app performance
  • UX testing

App deployment

We guarantee deploying and publishing your iOS app with all things perfectly maintained and optimized to ensure great App Store performance for the app. Here are key attributes of this process.

  • Integration of analytics
  • Server side configuration
  • SSL setup
  • Submission in App Store
  • Monitoring and evaluating app performance


We offer robust post-development support to our iOS app clients ensuring expert evaluation, performance analysis, UX monitoring and addressing issues related to user engagement. Here are the key aspects of this process.

  • Analytics tracking
  • Bug fixing and addressing performance issues
  • App upgradation
  • Optimizing UX to ensure better engagement
  • Support to monitor, evaluate and strategic changes for higher user acquisition, retention score and successful monetization.

Why choose Rose India Technologies for iOS app development?

For years, we have groomed ourselves as the sought after destination for custom mobile and web app development for different niche enterprise needs. With our niche iOS apps for a variety of business and consumer needs we have already contributed to the growth and success stories of many organizations. Here below we provide you some of the reasons to hire us.

  • Highly experienced and skilled developers with proven expertise in building award winning iOS apps.
  • App developers skilled well versed in all major programming languages and skill sets including Swift, a bunch of latest APIs, tools and plugins.
  • Custom focus in design and development to address niche requirements.
  • Continued quality assurance focus ensuring robust and bug free performance.
  • Priority focus in delivering highly engaging and interactive UI and UX.
  • Sustained focus on app monetization and ROI.
  • We ensure meeting deadlines.

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